Fast Talk’s Origins and Future—a Special Episode As We Say Goodbye to VeloNews

A discussion of the origins of Fast Talk with editor-in-chief Fred Dreier and a special episode as we say goodbye to VeloNews.

Chris Case and Trevor Connor Fast Talk Podcast

These are special times, challenging times, and this is a special edition of Fast Talk. And I say that not because we discuss COVID-19 in this episode, but because this is the last episode of Fast Talk to be co-released on the VeloNews channel. For those of you who have already made the switch to the Fast Talk channel, thank you. To those just coming over, welcome. For all of you, please help us spread the word that all future episodes of Fast Talk will be released on this channel exclusively. Use your social media connections, and when they return, your group rides, to help us migrate everyone here. Send your friends to their favorite podcast app, have them search for the Fast Talk podcast, and subscribe. The success of Fast Talk depends on everyone joining us here. In the episode today, as a way to say goodbye to our good friends at VeloNews, we invited editor-in-chief Fred Dreier to join us on the show to interview both Trevor and me, about Fast Talk—where we’ve been, where we’re going, and to discuss some of the highlights from our long history together.

Primary Guest Fred Dreier: Editor-In-Chief, VeloNews

Episode Transcript

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