Bonus Q&A on Fasted Training, Goal Setting, and the Polarized Approach

We take on questions about training while fasted, goal–setting analysis, and have a discussion on the polarized training approach.

Fast Talk Laboratories

Take a guess, which one of our all-knowing hosts is an expert on Baby Yoda, and who hadn’t even heard of him until this recording? Or, more importantly, what is a palindrome? Welcome to our second bonus episode of Fast Talk where Chris and Coach Connor are once again tackling your important questions! First is a question about training while fasting, then some goal–setting analysis, and finally some more discussion on the polarized training approach. We’ve included both email and voicemail questions in this podcast. To submit your own question to the guys you can call 719-800-2112 or email

Let’s make you fast!


1.Terada, T., et al., Overnight fasting compromises exercise intensity and volume during sprint interval training but improves high-intensity aerobic endurance. J Sports Med Phys Fitness, 2019. 59(3): p. 357-365.  2.Stoggl, T.L. and B. Sperlich, The training intensity distribution among well-trained and elite endurance athletes. Front Physiol, 2015. 6: p. 295. 

Episode Transcript

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