Coaching Female Athletes

A group of women triathletes runs into the water at the beginning of the swim leg of a triathlon.

12 // Coaching Female Athletes

Learn how to help female athletes reach their potential with the latest knowledge from a stellar cast of experts and coaches.

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

Coaching the Athlete in Front of You

Lauren Vallee talks about how important it is to take into account an athlete’s background to truly do your best work as a coach.

Female cyclist riding up a mountain

Women Are Not Small Men—and Here’s the Research to Prove It

In this research digest Dr. Stacy Sims highlights some of the most pertinent female-specific research that every coach needs to know.

Training through Menopause with Dr. Stacy Sims

Training Through Menopause—with Dr. Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims gives her advice on how to coach women through all stages of menopause.

A woman exercising with battle ropes while her coach encourages her

How to Coach Mom-Athletes with Empathy and Understanding 

Being a mom and an athlete can require world-class juggling and coping skills. As a coach, how can you best support and empower these athletes? We find out from Coach Alison Freeman (who’s also a Mom-Athlete).

Bevan McKinnon performing a lactate test on a female athlete

A Male Coach’s Guide to Understanding the Unique Needs of Female Athletes

It can be difficult for male coaches to know their role in helping female athletes navigate performance in context of the menstrual cycle and hormones. Coach Bevan McKinnon shares his experience and learning on this topic and some helpful tools.

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With Is Greater Than Against

When female athletes are encouraged to work with their competitors—not against them—it raises everyone’s game, as Coach Lauren Vallee knows only too well.

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

What Gets in the Way for Women

Body image, underfueling, negative self-talk, comparison—these are just some of the things that commonly prevent female athletes achieving their best, yet they don’t have to. One coach shares her way of turning this around.

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

Coaching Resilience, Every Cycle

Lauren Vallee brings a unique perspective to an athlete’s menstrual cycle, viewing it as an opportunity for coach and athlete to build resilience every single month.

Excited swimmer celebrating in the pool

How the Menstrual Cycle Can Work to the Athlete’s Advantage 

If an athlete is regularly tracking their menstrual cycle, it serves as a key performance indicator for adaptation and performance.

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Changing the Conversation from Weight Loss to Performance

The misconception that “lighter is better” has undermined endurance athletes of all genders, but a shocking number of female athletes have been emotionally and physiologically destroyed by weigh-ins and negative body talk. Coaches can learn how to best navigate conversations on this topic with these simple guidelines.

Stacy Sims

Separating Fact from Fiction for Female Athletes—with Dr. Stacy Sims

When it comes to coaching female athletes there’s an abundance of myths and misconceptions. Physiologist Stacy Sims sets the record straight.