Coaching Female Athletes

A group of women triathletes runs into the water at the beginning of the swim leg of a triathlon.

12 // Coaching Female Athletes

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

Coaching the Athlete in Front of You

Female cyclist riding up a mountain

Women Are Not Small Men—and Here’s the Research to Prove It

Training through Menopause with Dr. Stacy Sims

Training Through Menopause—with Dr. Stacy Sims

A woman exercising with battle ropes while her coach encourages her

How to Coach Mom-Athletes with Empathy and Understanding 

Bevan McKinnon performing a lactate test on a female athlete

A Male Coach’s Guide to Understanding the Unique Needs of Female Athletes

Lauren Vallee smiling while crossing a finish line

With Is Greater Than Against

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

What Gets in the Way for Women

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

Coaching Resilience, Every Cycle

Excited swimmer celebrating in the pool

How the Menstrual Cycle Can Work to the Athlete’s Advantage 

Black-and-white image of a woman running past a vineyard

Changing the Conversation from Weight Loss to Performance

Stacy Sims

Separating Fact from Fiction for Female Athletes—with Dr. Stacy Sims