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How to Diagnose “Spring Knee” and Other Common Knee Injuries, with Dr. Andy Pruitt

Sports medicine guru Dr. Andy Pruitt presents the science and symptoms of the most common knee injuries in cyclists.

If you’ve been a cyclist for any length of time, there’s a very good chance you’ve dealt with some form of knee pain.

Knee issues used to be the most common over-use injury among cyclists. While they are no longer atop that list, it’s still nearly impossible for most cyclists to go through their careers without one.

One of the most common knee issues is something called “spring knee” caused by adding too much volume too early in the season, adding too much volume with too much work in the weight room, or through poor clothing choices.

In this video, Dr. Andy Pruitt presents the science and symptoms of this ailment as well as many other knee issues that crop up throughout the season.

Dr. Pruitt has over 40 years of experience in cycling medicine and ergonomics. He is a bike fit guru who invented the Body Geometry fit system and has a storied history designing ergonomic products for brands including Specialized.

He has seen every cycling injury in the book and, because of that, has literally written the book. It’s called “Andy Pruitt’s Complete Medical Guide for Cyclists.”

For more on preventing knee injuries and other common ailments that cyclists face, listen to Fast Talk, episode 59: Preventing Cycling’s Most Common Injuries, with Dr. Andy Pruitt.