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Mental Toughness

For endurance athletes, training and sustaining a strong, resilient mindset is a critical but often neglected aspect of performance and mental health.

Mindset is often all that separates a good experience from a disappointing one. Likewise, mental toughness is often the difference between reaching the podium and not reaching the finish.

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girl sitting on track looking disappointed

How Your Brain Can Make or Break Your Performance

Neuroscience isn’t an exciting term, but it can be one of the most important factors in how well our muscles perform. We talk about this fascinating connection between mind and body with Dr. Scott Frey.

Feedback and Criticism with Grant Holicky

Accepting Feedback and Criticism

Accepting feedback and criticism is a necessary part in every athlete’s development. Coach Holicky details how to create the best mindset so you can achieve your full potential.

how to deal with pain, with Grant Holicky

Six Ways to Deal with Pain

Coach Grant Holicky discusses six ways by which all athletes can forge a better relationship with pain as a part of sport.

race-day anxiety with Grant Holicky and Chris Case

How to Manage Race-Day Anxiety

Coach Grant Holicky explains how athletes can better manage anxiety through visualization, routine, and reframing.

Dr. Stephen Cheung Shatter the Mental Ceiling on Performance

Shatter the Mental Ceiling on Performance

Physiological improvements are not the only way to maximize performance. Dr. Cheung explores the psychology of feedback, deception, and perception.