Fast Talk Sports Science Podcast Explores Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

This spring may bring a rise in concussions: Cyclists make up 19% of recreation-related concussions and American cycling participation is booming during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Causes and Effects of Brain Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries with Dr. Steven Broglio and Timmy Duggan
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January 28, 2021 – Boulder, Colorado, USA – Fast Talk, the sports science podcast, has just released Episode 148: The Causes and Effects of Concussions and TBIs. During this episode, hosts Chris Case and Trevor Connor, speak with Dr. Steven Broglio, director of the University of Michigan Concussion Center and NeuroTrauma Research Laboratory. Dr. Broglio offers an update on what science has found about concussions, traumatic brain injuries, the effectiveness of helmets, and how sports teams and athletes can best manage blows to the head. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript at

This spring may bring a rise in concussions. PeopleForBikes has estimated a 20% increase in cycling participation in 2020 as Americans turn to outdoor recreation during the coronavirus pandemic. Bike sales during the month of May were double the prior year period. A recent study found that cycling accounts for 19% of sports and recreation-related concussions, setting the stage for a possible increase in concussions as the weather warms and Americans get back to cycling.

This Fast Talk episode includes personal stories from professional cyclists Timmy Duggan, who nearly died from a horrific crash and traumatic brain injury, and Hannah Finchamp, who was struck by a car and suffered a concussion. Both athletes offer their experience on what it feels like to have a concussion and what it takes to recover.

In Episode 148, Fast Talk covers these topics:

  • Concussion treatment has changed drastically since 2006, when the autopsy of Mike Webster, former Pittsburgh Steelers lineman, led to the discovery of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
  • The popular perception of concussions differs from the medical reality: The average time for full recovery from concussion is actually 2-4 weeks.
  • Cyclists make up 19% of all sports and recreation-related concussion patients.
  • How medical professionals use SCAT5 screener questions and a motor exam to diagnose concussions
  • A new blood test that may help diagnose the presence of a TBI
  • How an athlete’s mental-emotional state and their support network affects perception of their injury—and their actual recovery
  • Exercise—not rest—as an effective treatment for concussion
  • The effectiveness of helmets: do they work? In football? In cycling? What about new helmet technologies MIPS and WaveCel?
  • Virginia Tech’s Helmet Rating method

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