Q&A on HIT Training, Gut Health, Recovery, and CTL

Listener Q&A on high intensity (HIIT vs. HIT), pyramid intervals vs. Tabata intervals, gut health, recovery, and CTL

Fast Talk Podcast Q&A 112

Welcome to this Q&A episode of Fast Talk! Today, we’ll address several questions that we received from listeners via email, voicemail, and Twitter. Keep those questions coming!

The first question Coach Connor addresses is about interval work and HIIT exercises, which we use as a springboard to talk about the difference between HIIT and HIT workouts. We then answer the question of whether pyramid intervals are as effective as Tabata intervals.

Next, we tackle a listener question about how to use this time during stay-at-home orders to give your body a break from the constant high carb intake common with training and racing. We reached out to pro rider Petr Vakoc of the Alpecin-Fenix pro team to help us answer the question. Petr has been stuck inside at his training base in Andorra addressing this very issue.

We also take on the question of what constitutes a manageable weekly ramp rate—one that doesn’t generate too much fatigue. After our last Q&A episode which focused on TSS, we received several follow-up questions, which we address: we discuss recovery and, specifically, which tools are most helpful.

We are proud and excited to announce the latest addition to the Fast Talk Labs family of podcasts. “Cycling in Alignment, with Colby Pearce” is now live! Subscribe now on your favorite podcast app. Follow the inner workings of Colby’s mind on social media @cyclinginalignment.

Now, it’s time to Q&A. Let’s make you fast!

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Episode Transcript

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