Q&A on TSS, Training at Altitude, and Exercise Physiology Resources

In this episode we do a listener Q&A on altitude training, TSS, and reference some great exercise physiology resources.

lonely rider
lonely rider. Photo by Chris Case

We’ve received so many great questions about TSS, or Training Stress Score, that we wanted to look at this popular metric from several angles. Most of today’s episode is devoted to those questions; and stay tuned for a future episode where we’ll take an even closer look at TSS. I must note there are many opinions about TSS. There isn’t a single answer as to its best use, or how effective it is for your overall planning. Some people might rely heavily on it, while others see it as a single tool, in a much larger toolbox, to be used sparingly. Today we’ll talk about Coach Connor’s experience and bias using TSS, both with himself and his athletes. We’ll delve into how he uses it in planning, how it informs certain parts of the season, and a few cautionary tales about when not to rely on this metric in your data analysis. Today, we’ll also field questions about the best textbooks and research sources on exercise physiology, and we’ll take a question from our voicemail about training at altitude. As always, find us on social media: our handle is @fasttalklabs. Sign up for our newsletter to get special announcements on new episodes, learn about Zwift rides with famous guests, and much more by visiting www.fasttalklabs.com. Also, please rate and review us on Apple podcasts: the more reviews we get, the easier it is for others to find us. And tell all your friends that we have our own channel now and we’ll no longer be heard on the VeloNews channel. Finally, as always, thanks again for all your questions and comments. Keep them coming! Write us at fasttalk@fasttalklabs.com or call 719-800-2112 and leave us a voicemail. Now, let’s make you fast!

  • “Exercise Physiology” by Drs. Brooks, Fahey, and Baldwin (This one is for the true scientist, as it does go into great detail.)
  • “Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William McArdle (This is, perhaps, the gold standard.)
  • “Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance” by Powers and Howley
  • Pubmed.gov
  • ResearchGate

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