Pro Training Tips, with George Bennett

We sit down with Jumbo-Visma rider George Bennett to better understand how he trains, how you can apply his tips, and how pros have vastly different approaches.

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Photo: Arni Svanur Danielsson

A few episodes back, Trevor and I interviewed George Bennett of Jumbo-Visma, who at one point was sitting fourth at this year’s Tour de France. At the time, we talked with George about the importance of recovery and adaptation. In the course of that conversation, we talked with George about how he was managing his recovery from the Tour de France to get ready for the Vuelta a España. That lead to an entire conversation about how George trains, and his tips for hitting peak form. Ultimately, we decided to make it a separate episode. Today, we cover:

  • First, something that is fascinating but probably won’t help many of us: how to complete two consecutive grand tours.
  • Second, the training approach that George has found works for him. While many of his teammates need high intensity work, George does very little, and focuses primarily on long endurance rides. But he emphasizes that the method that works for you is highly individual.
  • We discuss if George’s approach is appropriate for amateur riders, or if we should focus more on intensity. Bennett points out that different work can lead to very different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Next, we have a long talk about the importance of eating enough and keeping your glycogen stocked up.
  • Finally, George offers a final word on having the confidence to rest, and to not take your training too seriously.

Let’s make you fast!~

Along with George, we hear from Grant Holicky, formerly of Apex Coaching when this interview was conducted, and now with Forever Endurance Coaching. Grant addresses how to time your season, particularly as an amateur rider. Primary Guest George Bennett: Pro cyclist with Jumbo-Visma

Episode Transcript

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