How to Race Aggressively, with National Road Champion Ruth Winder

Today we’re discussing how to be aggressive, and when to be aggressive, in races. And we’re doing it with national road champion, Ruth Winder.

Ruth Winder Fast Talk Podcast

When we’ll race our bikes again, no one really knows. So we thought it would a great time to help our listeners at least daydream about racing with this episode. Specifically, we’re discussing how to be aggressive, and when to be aggressive, in races. And we’re doing it with none other than the current national road champion, Ruth Winder, who we caught up with many months ago. Despite the halted season, we decided now was the right time to release this episode. If you didn’t catch Ruth’s victory at nationals last year, give it a watch. It’s a classic nail-biting effort that resulted in a career-defining moment. About midway through the episode, you’ll also hear Ruth describe in her own words how the race played out, and the mentality she used to breakaway, and stay away, from a star-studded field to claim her first stars and stripes jersey as an elite racer. It’ll help you understand a bit more about what it takes to make an aggressive approach pay off.

How do you know when to launch your move? What’s the difference between creativity and aggression? What mindset do you need to be aggressive? We answer those questions and many more. Today we’ll also hear from elite coach and a longtime former pro racer Julie Young, as well as one of the best American riders of his generation, Brent Bookwalter. A few final notes before we jump into the show. Find us on social media: our handle is @fasttalklabs. Sign up for our newsletter to get special announcements on new episodes, learn about Zwift rides with famous guests, and much more by visiting Also, please rate and review us on Apple podcasts: the more reviews we get, the easier it is for others to find us. And tell all your friends that we have our own channel now and we’ll no longer be heard on the VeloNews channel. Finally, as always, thanks again for all your questions and comments. Keep them coming! Write us at Now, get your knives out. Sharpen up those elbows. Be aggressive. B-E aggressive. Let’s make you fast!

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