How to Effectively Return to the Bike After Injury, with Dr. Andy Pruitt

We discuss the physical and mental aspects of safely and effectively returning to the bike after an injury.

Mat Hayman training with broken arm
Mat Hayman famously trained on his turbo trainer with a broken arm before winning Paris-Roubaix in 2016.

Returning to the bike after an injury, whether a traumatic crash or a non-traumatic ailment—something like an overuse injury—can be a lengthy process. Not only is there a physical cost, the mental aspect of both dealing with the injury and the slow progress you might face can be challenging for endurance athletes.

With the help of our director of sports medicine, Dr. Andy Pruitt, someone with a 40-year career built upon helping athletes get the most from their sport, we discuss the different types of injuries one can face and the various paths one can take to return to the bike.

We also dive into the critical mental aspects of returning to cycling, regaining confidence, finding your way in the pack, and much more.

We’ll also hear from Dr. Kevin Sprouse, head of medicine for the EF Education-Nippo WorldTour team, who runs Podium Sports Medicine in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We hear from Petr Vakoc of Alpecin-Fenix, who suffered a catastrophic back injury when he was hit by a vehicle in training in 2018. Petr talks about his long road to recovery, and the long-lasting impact this has had on his professional career.

Finally, we hear from Bruce Bird, an elite amateur cyclist who also suffered devastating injuries and has made his way back to the elite ranks.

For more on avoiding injuries, listen to Fast Talk episode 59: Preventing Cycling’s Most Common Injuries, with Dr. Andy Pruitt.

Episode Transcript

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