Favorite Workouts of Fast Talk All-Stars

We hear from Fast Talk all-star guests like Joe Friel, Neal Henderson, and Amos Brumble about what their favorite workout is and why.

Neal Henderson on a trainer bike Fast Talk Podcast

Whenever we speak with a guest of Fast Talk—coach, athlete, or scientist—we always ask them their favorite workout. In this episode, we share the favorite workouts of Cameron Cogburn, Joe Friel, Jim Rutberg, Neal Henderson, Payson McElveen, Amos Brumble, and Petr Vakoc

You’ll hear each guest discuss the specifics of the workout itself. You’ll also gain a sense of the guest’s philosophy—based on how he or she describes the workout—and the “style” that they bring to the execution and prescription. 

As a bonus, Trevor, Coach Ryan Kohler, and Chris Case also share their favorite workouts.  

Get ready to take notes. Let’s make you fast! 

Episode Transcript

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