Fast Talk Bids Our Heart-Felt Farewell to Chris Case

Chris Case is leaving Fast Talk! For his final episode, we gather some of his close cycling friends to discuss Chris and his epic rides, his parting wisdom, and what has made him a special part of Fast Talk.

With 170 episodes under his belt, Chris Case has been with us since Fast Talk was little more than an idea and a handheld recorder in the broom closet at the VeloNews offices.

Chris has in many ways been the spirit of both this show and business, providing much needed humor and an ethical standard to everything we have produced. But, while we’ll miss him, Chris is moving on to his dream of helping to run a cycling touring company and we wish him all the best! 

In this episode we are joined by Chris’s close friends and co-workers including Ben Delaney, Grant Holicky, Lennard Zinn, Robert Pickels, Dr. Andy Pruitt, and Dr. Stephen Seiler, as we look back on our time with Chris.

We talk about our favorite moments with him on the bike – a frighteningly large number of which ended in some epic manner and often involved blood.

We “finally” get Chris to tell his true feelings about Canada.

Chris gives his five most important parting lessons. And, we end with a battle royal in the snow that… let’s just say involved pedaling contraptions.   

Because this was a special episode, we did film the entire thing.

Big Wheel Race: Chris Case vs. Rob Pickels

But if you’d just like to see the race, enjoy the video below.

Episode Transcript

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