Episode Two of The Stephen Seiler Podcast: A Brief History of Exercise Physiology

In this second part of our three-part series, Dr. Stephen Seiler gives us the history of exercise physiology research as well as insights into the inner workings of the academic world.

Dr. Seiler Episode 2 - History of Exercise Physiology

Welcome to part two of our three-episode limited series with the one and only Dr. Stephen Seiler.    

It wasn’t that many years ago when if you said you were part of a physical education program, it meant that you taught kids how to play dodgeball. Exercise science as an area of education and research is something that came into existence during the lifetimes of many who study it now.  

So, it’s both surprising and encouraging to see how science has now become central to athlete training at all levels. But many athletes who try to apply a scientific approach to their training are often left with as many questions as answers. More importantly, they wonder about the gaps in some of the key aspects of training.  

In this episode of The Stephen Seiler Podcast, Dr. Seiler tackles the field of exercise science head on. He starts with the 100-year history of exercise science research. He then gives those of us who don’t work in academia a peak into the ups and downs of doing training research, including why funding can be so difficult, the challenges of some specialties, and how crowdsourcing could revolutionize the field.  

So, settle in for a history lesson with insider access from Dr. Seiler, and let’s make you fast! 

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Episode Transcript

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