What Will Coach Education Look Like in the Future?

We explore the past, present, and future of coach education with Joe Friel and Jon Tarkington.

On this week’s episode, instead of diving into one topic, we chat with two renowned educators—Joe Friel and Jon Tarkington—about how athletes and coaches can learn from one another—and what they think coach education will look like in the future.
Among the questions we ask are: How were coaches taught in the past? What were coaches’ philosophies back then? What does the future of coaching education look like?

Of course, Friel needs few introductions. As a best-selling endurance sports author and one of the founders of the TrainingPeaks software platform, he has helped forge today’s coaching industry. He spearheads our Craft of Coaching coach education series, and you can find the latest module of this—Managing Athlete Performance—here. And as USA Cycling’s Coaching Education and Development Director, Tarkington is on-point when it comes to looking at the future of coaching.
Between them, our guests have decades of experience in coaching and coach education, and they put this experience to great use in this episode as we look to the future. Listen in to find out more—and let’s make you fast.

Episode Transcript

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