Can Cyclocross Make You a Stronger, Faster Cyclist?

Whether you’re a roadie, a mountain biker or a triathlete, the unique demands of cyclocross mean it can make you better at your preferred discipline. On this week’s show we chat with cyclocross experts Grant Holicky and Stephen Hyde about the many benefits of ‘cross.

WASHINGTON OCTOBER 22 – An elite woman cyclist competes in DC’s cyclocross event, DCCX, on October 22, 2017 in Washington DC

Cyclocross is a discipline that’s raced in the fall and winter in conditions that most athletes shun (think: wet, cold, and muddy). Depending on the category, racers spend 30 minutes to an hour holding intensities they typically only touch in other disciplines—all while jumping barriers, running up stairs, and flying through sand and mud pits.  

Cyclocross races happen every weekend on a safe and closed course. They build skills and push you harder than you could ever go, even in your best interval session. There really is something for all of us to gain from cyclocross, regardless of whether we are primarily road racers, mountain bikers, or triathletes.  

To say that it’s unique among cycling disciplines is an understatement. But a more important point of discussion is whether there are gains we can get from cyclocross that we can’t get any other way—and that’s exactly what we get into in this week’s show. Considering the number of top racers, including Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert, who got their start in cyclocross, there may be something to this question.  

Joining us today to talk about those potential gains we have multi-time U.S. National champion Stephen Hyde and elite cyclocross coach Grant Holicky, who’s the coach of current U.S. National Champion Eric Brunner.  

So, pull out your A-bike—and your B-bike—because it’s muddy out there, and let’s make you fast! 

Episode Transcript

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