Beyond the Data—Training Is Not Only About Numbers

In episode 91 we emphasize the many critical aspects of training and coaching that don’t show up in the numbers.

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Julie Young Fast Talk Podcast
Julie Young

The focus of episode 91 can be simply summarized in a single, powerful sentiment: There is great value in keeping track of your numbers, at analyzing the data you’ve gathered with your power meter, heart rate strap, or other device, but if all you do is focus on the numbers, and make them the end-goal themselves, you are missing out on very critical aspects of your training. So, the underlying message of episode 91 is simple: Think of the numbers not as the target or the goal, but as a tool. And what we will emphasize today are the many critical aspects of training and coaching that don’t show up in the numbers.

Our primary guest is a very successful former professional cyclist turned coach Julie Young, whose road racing career stretched over a decade with teams including Saturn and Timex. She continues to race today at a very high level across multiple disciplines and is currently part of the talented team behind the Kaiser Permanente Sports Medicine Endurance Lab in California. We’re also joined by co-owner of The Cycling Gym, Coach Steve Neal, as well as Trek-Segafredo’s Ruth Winder, the reigning American national champion on the road. Now, set your preferred analytics software aside for a minute. Let’s focus on you, your brain, and this moment. Let’s make you fast!

Primary Guest Julie Young: Former pro cyclist, coach, and member of the Kaiser Permanente Sports Medicine Endurance Lab
Secondary Guests Steve Neal: Co-owner of The Cycling Gym Ruth Winder: U.S. national road race champion of Trek-Segafredo

Episode Transcript

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