Addressing Endurance Athlete Gut Issues with Dr. Patrick Wilson

The author of The Athlete’s Gut talks with us about digestive issues like bloating, cramps, pain and inflammation, all of which can derail the best event preparation plans.

Young man running athlete during a workout in a hill

If you’re an endurance sports athlete, chances are you’ve had an event where you had to scale back your ambitions or even pull out due to GI issues. It’s happened to all of us. For me, it was at the Belgian waffle ride in San Diego.

But for Grand Tour riders like Brent Bookwalter, who had to pull out of the Giro d’Italia, it can be the only reason they’ve ever quit a grand tour. For those of us who suffer from these issues, we’re willing to try almost anything:

  • Get up at 4am to have breakfast well before an event.
  • Eat a low FODMAP diet for the week leading up to a race.
  • Pop antacids and experiment with raised food after race food until we find one that works with our stomachs.

But the important question is: what causes your digestive issues and what’s been proven to help?

That’s where this episode’s guest comes in.

Registered Dietitian and researcher Dr. Patrick Wilson literally wrote the book on. His book The Athlete’s Gut has helped numerous endurance sports athletes keep their digestion under control during their events.

At the core of the conversation is identifying what causes your digestive issues because it can be unique to every athlete, and the solution depends on the cause.

Along with Dr. Wilson, we talk with recently retired pro cyclist Brent Bookwalter, who now dedicates his time to the Pro Cyclist Foundation, an organization that provides mental support for athletes.

We also hear from exercise physiologist Jared Berg, and current pro Tom Skujins from Trek-Segafredo about how he addresses gut problems.

So grab your favorite easily digestible food, and let’s make you fast.

Episode Transcript

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