Managing Athlete Performance

Fast Talk Labs Head Coach Ryan Kohler coaches a female cyclist while on a bike ride near Boulder, Colorado.

6 // Managing Athlete Performance

USA Cycling coach talks with a female cyclist athlete during a race

Improve Your Athlete’s Chances of Success

Creating a Race Plan to Guide Training

Measuring Performance & Progression title card showing Joe Friel and Ben Day

Measuring Performance and Progression

Coach Joe Friel discusses athlete training metrics in The Craft of Coaching

Training Metrics

Coach Joe Friel discusses how to balance an athlete's training load in The Craft of Coaching

Balancing the Athlete’s Training Load

a frustrated athlete holds his head after a workout

Troubleshooting Performance Plateaus

Coach Julie Dibens with one of her professional athletes, Ironman champion Matt Hanson

Is Your Athlete Approaching Their Athletic Potential?

Coach Joe Friel discusses race-day readiness on The Craft of Coaching

Race-Day Readiness

Coach Joe Friel discusses how athletes can learn from failure with Coach Julie Dibens

Helping Athletes Learn from Failure and Disappointment

USA Cycling coach shares data with a female athlete during a post-race debrief

Best Practices for Post-Race Debrief and Analysis

a woman runs through mist in running race

How to Gain Wisdom in the Aftermath of Racing