Coach Gordo Byrn trail running the Grand Canyon

Gordo Byrn

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In 1999, Gordo finished his first triathlon season by racing Ironman Canada. Hooked on the process, he left his desk job in 2000 to see how fast he could become. He achieved his personal best at the Ironman-distance in 2004 going 8:29 at Ironman Canada.

Along the way he studied under some of the best known names in triathlon: Joe Friel, John Hellemans, Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and Scott Molina.

As a coach, he helped novices, top amateurs, and pros achieve their goals in triathlon, ultrarunning and mountain biking.

His book, Going Long, was written with Joe Friel and applies his Training Bible approach to Ironman and long-course racing.

Gordo lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and three sporty kids.


Making Money As a Coach

Gordo Byrn used his racing career to build a coaching business. It started as a side gig to cover his racing habit, but, like many coaches, eventually he had to figure out how to turn a profit . . . and fast. Coming from the world of finance, Gordo brings a unique perspective to the business of coaching.
Coach Gordo Byrn on a trail in the Grand Canyon

Finding the Value of Your Time

Your billable rate is a key metric that will inform nearly every decision that you need to make in running a business. Gordo Byrn applied the same approach he took with his financial consulting business to his coaching business.