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Alan Couzens

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Couzens is an endurance sports coach, exercise physiologist, and triathlete based near Boulder, Colorado. He works with professional endurance athletes and top amateurs, helping them to apply the latest in sport science to train more effectively. Couzens has coached professionally for over 25 years.

He was Chief Technology Officer for Humango, an AI-based sport science platform. For over 12 years, he was Exercise Physiologist for Endurance Corner. See more on LinkedIn.


how to succeed at Kona?

How Do You Succeed at Kona?

Heat, humidity, wind, pacing—we take a look at some of the factors that affect success at the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Athlete Profile: Triathlete Leveling Up to Ironman

Mary is in search of building a big aerobic fitness base for ironman-distance racing. Ultimately, she has wants to qualify for Kona and she believes Alan Couzens is the coach who can help her make that dream a reality.

Coach Alan Couzens’ Onboarding Process

There's plenty of information to gather when deciding whether to take on a new athlete. Coach Alan Couzens responds to Mary to learn more about her training history and lifestyle.
Coach Alan Couzens teaches a swimmer

Season Plan for Triathlete Leveling Up to Ironman

Athletes often underestimate the amount of fitness that they lose in tapering for, and recovery from, excessively frequent racing. This is especially true in Mary’s case where she is looking to make a significant jump in training load in order to properly prepare for the Ironman distance.

Coach Alan Couzens

As head coach and founder of MAD Science Coaching, Alan Couzens works primarily with triathletes—amateurs, serious amateurs, and a few pros. More recently, MAD Science Coaching began providing training plans and testing to amateur athletes, leveraging Alan's experience in the lab, testing pro athletes competing at the highest level of the sport.