Fast Talk Laboratories is a support platform for endurance sports coaches and a coaching development and education partner of USA Cycling.

USA Cycling and Fast Talk Laboratories

USA Cycling Coach Member Level

This new member level is FREE of charge to active, licensed USA Cycling coaches as part of our partnership with USA Cycling.

This membership offers the tools, knowledge, and expert access to make the best cycling coaches in the world.

To join, become a USA Cycling coach or renew your license.

Already an active coach? Contact us for quick verification and access.

The Relationship Between Performance Level and Training Stress

Training & Sport Science Knowledgebase

USA Cycling Coach members gain access to the vast and ever-growing knowledgebase of coaching and sport science at Fast Talk Laboratories: hundreds of articles and videos on coaching, training, physiology, sports nutrition, sport psychology, and recovery.

Pathways and The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel logos

Pathways and The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel

Our Pathways™ tap world-leading experts to explore the science and practice of one aspect of endurance sports.

The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel is the master coach’s ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach.

Kristin Armstrong Jim Miller Rio Games 2016

Networking and Expert Access

USA Cycling coaches can attend virtual networking and Q&A events with experts and other experienced coaches.

Join bimonthly meetups or ask questions of Joe Friel, USA Cycling’s Chief of Sport Performance Jim Miller, coaches and experts from Fast Talk Labs, and other USA Cycling experts.

Register for quarterly half-day coaching summits on a variety of topics with recordings available to members.

Also for members: our sport science Forum and coaches-only Forum.

Pathways by Fast Talk Laboratories

Coming Soon: CEUs

Beginning this spring, Fast Talk Labs Pathways will offer CEUs recognized by USA Cycling in a variety of fascinating topics including interval training, data analysis, sports nutrition, environmental physiology, indoor cycling, base training, recovery, and sports medicine.


Active, licensed USA Cycling coaches can contact us for verification and access.