Balancing the Athlete’s Training Load

Joe Friel explains the data that helps coaches plan training for their athletes, measuring workload while also factoring in recovery.

In this video, coach Joe Friel examines the relationship between fitness, fatigue, and race readiness. Strike this balance right and you’ll have an athlete arriving at their race with fitness high and fatigue low, which results in favorable form. It’s important to remember that fitness (Chronic Training Load, CTL) improves slowly—over weeks and months—while fatigue (Acute Training Load, ATL) can accumulate rapidly, over days or even hours. Every athlete will be different, and it’s the coach’s job to determine how best to balance the training load, so that race readiness (form or Training Stress Balance, TSB) is optimized. Friel shares his insights into how best to do this, ideally by getting your athlete’s form to within a certain range.

Formula to Calculate Form

CTL (fitness) ATL (fatigue) = TSB (form)

Video Transcript

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