Max Heart Rate


Dr. Stephen Seiler on Breathing, Beer, and Heart Rate

Dr. Stephen Seiler is a fount of knowledge. We filled our brains with so much new info from him while recording Episode 200 that we have dedicated this episode to sharing every last nugget. Dr. Seiler shares new info on his current research that involves new tools, breathing techniques, heart rate variability, and... beer!
max heart rate Dr. Stephen Seiler

How to Find Your Maximal Heart Rate

Dr. Stephen Seiler presents the case for why properly measured heart rate data is important to track and about some dos and don'ts to follow when attempting to determine your own HRmax.

The Myth of the Useless Heart Rate Monitor

Trevor Connor and editor Caley Fretz are joined by one of the world’s leading cycling physiologists, Inigo San Milan, to bust the myth that power is all that matters.