Cycling Interval Training CEUs Course


Coaches can earn 7 USA Cycling CEUs by completing this Intervals Pathway Course from Fast Talk Laboratories.

This course is based on our popular Cycling Interval Training Pathway. Coaches will prove their mastery of cycling interval training and learn from world-recognized experts


Cycling Interval Training Topics Explored

  • Exactly what is an interval
  • Which interval workout protocols are most effective at generating specific training adaptations
  • How athletes can perfectly execute interval workouts
  • How to analyze athlete workout data for various interval workout protocols

Featured Interval Training Experts

  • Sebastian Weber, sport scientist, coach and Project Lead for INSCYD
  • Neal Henderson, elite cycling and triathlon coach and Founder and CEO of APEX Coaching
  • Trevor Connor, veteran cycling coach, CEO and Cofounder of Fast Talk Laboratories, and Cohost of the Fast Talk podcast
  • Dr. Stephen Cheung, environmental exercise physiologist and professor
  • Ryan Kohler, Head Coach and Physiologist of Fast Talk Laboratories
  • Dr. Stephen Seiler, exercise physiologist, elite endurance coach, and pioneer of polarized training

Course Contents

  • Intervals 101
  • This Is an Interval
  • Your Guide to HIIT
  • How Much HIIT Do You Need?
  • HIIT for the Time-Crunched Athlete
  • Properly Executing Intervals Is Hard
  • Interval Durations and Rest Periods
  • Not All Intervals Are Created Equal
  • 4×8-min Interval Workshop
  • Neuromuscular Interval Workout
  • 5×5-min Threshold Intervals
  • Dr. Stephen Seiler’s Short-Stack Intervals

How Our Courses Work

  1. Each course is made up of lessons. Once enrolled in the course, you will use an easy navigation bar to move between lessons. We save your progress as you go; you can return later at any time to continue.
  2. View each lesson. Lessons include brief articles, videos, webinars, podcast episodes, and searchable transcripts.
  3. After each lesson, you can take a brief quiz to confirm your understanding. To earn CEUs, pass each quiz. Pay close attention; each quiz can be taken only 3 times.

Completing the Course

Once you pass every lesson, you will complete the course! Fast Talk Labs will automatically report your earned CEUs to USA Cycling this fall. Please do NOT send screenshots of your course completion to USA Cycling; they will not be honored or recognized.