Potluck Discussion: Is It the End of the Road for the North American Racing Scene?

In this week’s show, we talk about whether gravel racing can save North American racing, if adding a Zwift race to your interval work is still good training, and techniques our hosts use to keep in balance.

Racing at the annual Joe Martin Stage Race, Fayetteville, Arkansas. Stage races like this one are on the decline. Photo: Shutterstock.

Welcome to another potluck conversation with regulars Grant Hollicky, Trevor Connor, and Rob Pickels. In these discussions, we pick topics that we find interesting and break them apart using a mix of science, humor and our own experience.  

Can gravel save the North American race scene? 

There’s no doubt that unfortunately the North American professional road scene is on the decline. In 2007 there were over 25 major American stage races. Now we’re down to three. Coach Hollicky asks what has caused this decline and what might save it. Is the rise of gravel racing the answer? 

Is your workout still beneficial if you kill a few intervals and add a Zwift race? 

You’re halfway through a hard set of intervals and you’re not enjoying them. You pull the plug and jump into a 30-minute Zwift race to finish your day. Technically you’re doing more work and generating a higher TSS, but Coach Connor asks the question of whether this is a better or worse way of doing your training? 

How do you find balance?

We’ve talked frequently on this show about the importance of recovery. Our most important tool is simple—getting enough sleep—but there are other tools that aid recovery and keep us in balance. Pickels asks our other hosts what they do to keep in balance. We discuss not only techniques, but the importance of timing and adjusting over time.  

We’re sure many of you have had similar experiences. Please share with the rest of our listeners in the forum discussion. 

Get ready for some interesting conversations—and let’s make you fast! 

Episode Transcript

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