How Much Speed Can Be Bought? With Ben Delaney

Bike tech journalist Ben Delaney helps us highlight aerodynamic gear and bicycle technology that offers the best return for your investment.

Inside the wind tunnel
Inside the wind tunnel with Ben Delaney. Photo: Courtesy Specialized

Today we’re talking speed, but not necessarily the kind that comes from hard work—although we touch on things like coaches and training plans as the first and most important step to “buying” speed.

This episode is about what makes you faster by focusing on aerodynamics and reducing drag, or that CdA coefficient that is so important. This is an episode about the things that directly bring speed.

We’re joined by our friend and colleague Ben Delaney who has spent decades riding and reviewing countless bikes and pieces of gear for VeloNews and BikeRadar, as well as time in the industry with Specialized. He takes us through his tiered hierarchy of options when it comes to spending your way to a faster you.

Episode Transcript

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