Introduction to Cycling in Alignment with Colby Pearce

Colby Pearce introduces Cycling in Alignment, a new podcast to help people reach their potential through alignment of both cycling and holistic health.

Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

Welcome to Cycling in Alignment. I’m your host, Colby Pearce.

My passion, dream, and goal is to help people express their highest potential by illuminating a path that enables alignment with truth and coherence in their lives. Ultimately, through this podcast, I aspire to provide a platform for useful insight and discussion around cycling and holistic health.

There will be some episodes without guests—it’ll be just me—in which I divulge the intricacies of riding a bike, including the upcoming podcast about the fundamentals of cycling, and another entire episode dedicated to the dynamics of proper pedaling technique.

On other episodes, I will invite guests, some of whom come from the sport of cycling. Other guests may not come from cycling, but they’ll always have a connection to attaining balance and living a holistic life.

The long format of this podcast allows it to engender conversations about a subject until it has been properly discussed. We will not limit the discussion for the sake of a convenient time bin or a perception that I will lose listeners. My preference is to make a product that is the best possible product—period.

We are all shaped by our experiences and choices. Thus, cycling allows us to connect with nature, the world, culture and people; travel far distances powered by means of the human engine; and express competitive potential. During the hardest moments of cycling, the raw personality is always exposed.

With love, respect, and gratitude. – Colby