Coaching Endurance Athletes

Swimmers on the side of the pool from The Craft of Coaching Module 9

9 // Coaching Endurance Athletes

Endurance coaching can be as rewarding as it is challenging, yet knowing how best to tackle those testing times can help make the success stories all the sweeter. In this latest module, we lift the lid on some of the minutiae of endurance coaching.

Female coach encouraging an age group athlete at a local race

How to Attract Athletes to Use Your Coaching Services

Today’s coaches enjoy a greater demand for services and steeper competition for clients. Choose a direction for your business and be patient in getting there.

Building an Inclusive Endurance Community with Vic Brumfield title card

Building an Inclusive Endurance Community

USA Triathlon’s CEO Victoria Brumfield speaks to the importance of welcoming people from all communities into the endurance sports world.

Ryan Kohler, Alison Freeman, and Joe Friel in conversation

Dealing with Problematic Athletes

It can be challenging when athletes aren’t compliant or lack motivation, but it can also be a great opportunity for change or growth.

Finding Success as a Coach title card

Finding Success as a Coach

Coaching isn’t always easy, but when those moments of success come, the rewards are often deep and meaningful.

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Why Your Athletes Need to Know Themselves 

Encouraging your athletes to build self-awareness can bring a myriad of benefits, some more obvious than others.

The Power of Finding Your Why title card

The Power of Finding Your Why

Knowing what energizes you as a coach will cultivate performance. It also creates bandwidth for situations where energy and outcome are not yet dialed.

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Who’s Responsible for What in the Coaching Relationship?

Taking ownership of the best practices for performance can help the coach-athlete relationship work at its best. Use this list to troubleshoot your existing client relationships.

Where to Draw the Line Video Thumbnail

Where to Draw the Line

The lines between life and sport can quickly blur. Difficult issues like weight loss or obsessive behavior can lead to big problems for coaches.

How to Build a Better Athlete title card

How to Build a Better Athlete

Strength and conditioning coach Erin Carson shares her insights and expertise on building durable, happy, successful athletes—and it’s about more than just lifting weights in the gym.

Balancing Athlete Data and Devices title card

Balancing Athlete Data and Devices

The options for data and devices are endless and some athletes need their coach to intervene. Coaches Ryan Kohler and Alison Freeman describe the metrics that matter most.

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Criteria for Setting SMART Goals 

The goal belongs to the athlete—not the coach. It’s the coach’s job to help the athlete give shape to the final product.

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Defining the Athlete’s Goal, Some Hits and Misses

Goals are best evaluated in the rearview mirror. Joe Friel reflects on the goals of three endurance athletes, highlighting lessons learned.

Ryah Kohler and Alison Freeman

Common Challenges of Coaching Endurance Athletes

The typical endurance athlete is time-crunched, which triggers a number of challenges for coaches around rest and recovery.