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Dr. Andy Kirkland

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Dr. Kirkland works with coaches from the grassroots to the highest level of sport for the University of Stirling MSc. Performance Coaching Programme.

He is a researcher, focusing on developing healthier performance environments and sporting systems.

Andy’s “generalist” approach comes from working as a physiologist in high-performance sport, as a former coach educator at British Cycling and a focus on solving real-world problems in his academic work, using behavior change science to do so.

He is a BASES accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist, a Chartered Scientist and a member of the General University Ethics Panel. Andy is a committed coach of coaches, taking career satisfaction from helping develop others.

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biopsychosocial approach

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We are products of our social, mental, and biological processes, but what does this mean for coaches and athletes? Andy Kirkland explains how to adjust training for better results.

Performance Plan for an Aspiring Olympian

Dr. Andy Kirkland outlines what it will take for an aspiring young triathlete to go pro, illuminating a biopsychosocial approach to season planning.

Coach Dr. Andy Kirkland

Andy Kirkland is a Lecturer in sports coaching at the University of Stirling in Scotland. He works with coaches from the grassroots to the highest level of sport on the MSc. Performance Coaching Programme.