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Maintaining Performance with Age

Maintaining Performance with Age

In this video, Joe Friel highlights three key factors for coaches to focus on to ensure their aging athletes remain fit and well.

Fast Talk Podcast: Episode 261

Diving Deep into the Pain Cave

What is pain—and how can we learn to tolerate it in training and racing? We find out on our latest Fast Talk podcast where we’re joined by neuroscientist Dr. Scott Frey.

Why is it so hard to go easy?

Why Is It So Hard to Go Easy?

You know your workout is supposed to be easy, but you just can’t help dropping the hammer sometimes. A leading neuroscientist lifts the lid on what’s going on in your brain when this happens—and what you can do about it.

Fast Talk Podcast: Endurance Sports Training and Nutrition from Fast Talk Laboratories

Are You Ready for Race Season?

In this week’s episode, our hosts talk about the best work to do leading into the race season, getting meditative during intervals, and preparing for an epic event.