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Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

Inside Colby Pearce’s World Record Hour Attempt

Colby Pearce, US Track Olympic athlete, join us to share what he knows about attempting the hour record on the track. This is an inside look at the training he did, the difficulties of selecting gears, and training on a track that was different from the one where he set the record, and how he managed the pain. Pearce set the master’s 45-49 world record with a scorching 50.245 kilometer effort after this was recorded.

Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

How to Ride the Hour, with Colby Pearce

Colby Pearce, Hour Record holder, is here to dive deep into the Hour. Chris Case has a good bit of knowledge to drop on the subject as well, since he made an attempt in 2015. Training tips and techniques are here!