We are each an experiment of 1.

What can we learn from four riders as they prepare for their 2021 challenge rides?

Chapter 2: TEST

In Fast Talk Episode 147: What 2020 Taught Us and the Exciting Places 2021 Will Take Us, Trevor, Ryan Kohler, Jana Martin, and I, Chris Case, each highlighted the big event we plan to target this year:

We are calling these 2021 rides our N1 Challenge: We are each an experiment of one, and our experience can provide lessons for all.

We hope you’ll follow us on our journeys as we highlight the training, nutrition planning, skills, and gear it takes to tackle these events. Learn what it takes to tackle a big event like these from our articles, videos, workshops, and podcasts.


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Where will cycling take you in 2021? And how can we help?

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Chapter 1: COMMIT