We are each an experiment of 1.

What can we learn from four riders as they prepare for their 2021 challenge rides?

These are our N1 Challenges. We are each an experiment of one, and our experience can provide lessons for all.

Chapter 1: COMMIT

In Fast Talk Episode 147: What 2020 Taught Us and the Exciting Places 2021 Will Take Us, Trevor, Ryan Kohler, Jana Martin, and Chris Case each committed to a huge, intimidating challenge:

Chapter 2: TEST

First, our four riders committed to rides they aren’t sure they can finish. Next, they test themselves to see how far they must go to prepare.

Chapter 3: TRAIN

In this short film open to all, Chris, Trevor, Ryan, and Jana make confessions: They are nervous. Nervous about their fitness. Thinking about their upcoming N1 Challenge races.

  • Chris experiments with the bikepacking gear that will serve as his home for 10 days on the Ireland coast.
  • Trevor tests his legs and remembers how much racing hurts.
  • Ryan steps on the podium but worries about 40,000 feet of climbing.
  • Jana toes the line of her first-ever race and finishes saying, “That was so f*cking hard. Now I know why you guys ride intervals all the time.”

Enjoy this short film and wonder: What N1 Challenge would take you out of your comfort zone?

Chapter 4: RACE (Jana)

Jana Martin has finished her N1 Challenge! In this short film open to all, Jana shares her experience at her first gravel race.