Fast Talk Laboratories is a new training and performance center from the creators of the Fast Talk podcast.

Our lab is your workshop to get fast—and get more enjoyment from endurance sports. Become a member and you’ll discover revolutionary ideas and evidence-based methods to get faster at cycling, triathlon, and running. You’ll join a community of science-minded athletes, coaches, and experts who seek to know the science and find potential.

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Dr. Stephen Seiler TEDx Arendal - how normal people can train like the best

Expert Content & Education

We’ve tapped our network of endurance sports experts to bring you all-new, cutting-edge content on the topics you want.

Top experts like Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Andrew Pruitt, Julie Young, Grant Holicky, Dr. Stephen Cheung, and many past Fast Talk podcast guests have joined Fast Talk Laboratories.

Library Members get full access to: Pathways, training science articles, and webinars on training concepts, performance analysis, and much more.

Cyclists riding in the Dolomites by Chris Case

A Sport Science Community

Join the smartest community in endurance sports.

Fast Talk Laboratories brings together some of the brightest minds in the world of endurance sports to share ideas, troubleshoot, and discuss the latest developments in sport science. Ask questions, get answers!

All members get access to our moderated sport science Forum. Library Members get access to occasional live events like webinars, Q&A sessions, and workouts.

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Solutions & Services

We offer coaching consultations, training plan reviews, physiological testing and analysis, sports nutrition coaching, and personal contact for you to get science-based guidance on any endurance topic.

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Sports Medicine

Fast Talk Laboratories offers sports medicine services.

Our Director of Sports Medicine, Andrew Pruitt, EdD, has over 40 years’ experience working with elite and amateur athletes to diagnose, treat, and prevent injuries; improve biomechanics; and keep athletes healthy and off the sidelines.

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Chris Case at CU Lab Physiology lab testing


Fast Talk Laboratories offers protocol-based physiology testing—no matter where you live.

We offer INSCYD remote testing that has been validated and used by professional athletes and WorldTour cycling teams.

We offer in-person, lab-grade physiological testing on our own Parvo Medics TrueOne® 2400 metabolic cart and lactate testing equipment in our private, Boulder, Colorado lab.