Dr. Stephen Seiler on Breathing, Beer, and Heart Rate

Dr. Stephen Seiler is a fount of knowledge. We filled our brains with so much new info from him while recording Episode 200 that we have dedicated this episode to sharing every last nugget. Dr. Seiler shares new info on his current research that involves new tools, breathing techniques, heart rate variability, and... beer!

When we talked with Dr. Stephen Seiler for Fast Talk Episode 200, the interview went long, too long for us to include everything in our farewell episode to our Cohost Chris Case.

But a lot of good discussion ended up on the cutting room floor and we didn’t want to keep the rest of the conversation from seeing the light of day.  In this short episode, we share with you the rest of our conversation with Dr. Seiler.

We talk with Dr Seiler about his current research which focuses on some exciting new tools, his hesitant love of Twitter, the exciting research going on right now around breathing techniques, heart rate variability…and Dr Seiler’s current favorite beer. 

Note that we recorded this conversation before Chris left Fast Talk, so perhaps guess we lied a little? You get one more episode with Chris Case. 

So, put on your nerd hat and let’s make you fast!

Episode Transcript

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