Managing Athletes and Service Providers

Endurance sports coach Ryan Bolton talks with athletes on a butte overlooking the Arizona desert.

5 // Assembling a Winning Roster: Managing Athletes & Service Providers

Everyone wins when an athlete feels supported. In Module 5 from The Craft of Coaching, Joe Friel and his hand-picked experts share how to best manage athletes and add service providers to extend your coaching capabilities.

The Craft of Coaching - How to Avoid Difficult Relationships with Athletes

How to Avoid Difficult Relationships with Athletes

No one wants to “fire” an athlete. But there are times when the coach-athlete relationship is clearly not working. Coaches need to reflect on these difficult situations and athletes so they can identify problems before things get personal.

Graphic showing compatible relationships

Establishing a Positive Coach-Athlete Relationship

For the coach-athlete relationship to be successful, it must be rooted in trust, and trust is earned or compromised from Day 1. Begin any new client relationship with the end in mind.

Coach-Athlete Communication

Coach Melissa Mantak prioritizes communication with her athletes above all else, particularly in the onboarding process. Find out more about the different levels of coaching she offers at The Empowered Athlete, and how communication plays out.

How to Protect Your Time

Managing athletes requires time management skills. Coach Ryan Bolton balances the needs of his pro athletes, age groupers, and a team of coaches. He talks with Joe Friel about his screening process and the groundwork that goes into a positive athlete-coach relationship.

The Secret to Retaining Athletes

Client retention comes down to two things: 1) the athlete’s longevity in the sport, and 2) the coach’s ability to evolve with the athlete over time.

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What Was It Like to Be Coached by Joe Friel?

Ryan Bolton was coached by Joe Friel for the duration of his career as a pro triathlete. He reflects on what made that relationship work and the lessons he took from it in establishing his own coaching business.

How coaches can expand the services they offer to athletes

Expanding Your Coaching Services

More coaches are seeking partnerships with outside experts to better meet the needs of their athletes. Find out how these partnerships work best, giving even the “maverick” coach a competitive advantage.

How Adding Athlete Services Leads to Maximal Gains

Coach Grant Holicky describes how athletes are impacted by the additional experts and services that coaches make available to them.

A Roadmap for Working with Nutritionists

Coach Ryan Kohler talks with Joe Friel about how to help athletes navigate the misinformation around nutrition by partnering with the right experts.

One Team’s Strategy for Dynamic Athlete Services

With more ways to deliver individualized training, coaches are well-positioned to reach more athletes.

The Value of Business Services

Many coaches are happy to focus their energy on coaching, not running a business. Some coaches choose to outsource specific tasks through business services.