What’s Inside The Craft of Coaching

The Craft of Coaching is Joe Friel’s ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach.

Drawing from the experiences of his incredible 40-year coaching career, Friel shares the lessons he learned while becoming the world’s most trusted personal cycling and triathlon coach—and by tapping the experiences of other modern-day master coaches.

The Craft of Coaching explores

  • what makes a good coach and how to improve
  • the formula for athlete performance
  • getting more reward from coaching
  • Friel’s key lessons drawn from legendary and modern-day master coaches
  • developing a coaching philosophy and methodology
  • mastering the business of coaching
  • managing the athlete-coach relationship
  • planning each season to maximize adaptation
  • how to foster mental skills
  • specific guidelines for coaching a variety of athletes, from men to women, juniors to elites

Friel taps highly respected coaches and industry experts for their hard-won lessons. The Craft of Coaching includes contributions from Neal Henderson, Kendra Wenzel, Frank Overton, Julie Young, Mike Ricci, Dr. Stacy Sims, Alan Couzens, Dave Schell, Erin Carson, Dr. Andy Kirkland, Jim Rutberg, Dean Golich, Allison Freeman, Joe Gambles, Pete Webber, Julie Dibens, Philip Hatzis, Rob Griffiths, Dr. Julie Emmerman, Ryan Bolton, Gordo Byrn, Jeff Troesch, and many others, on the topics they know best.

“The Craft of Coaching is exactly what I needed when I got my start in coaching. This series brings you the knowledge you need to experience a more rewarding and fulfilling coaching career.”

Joe Friel

The Craft of Coaching is a rare treasure—a master’s gift of decades of experience and expertise, an enduring legacy from Joe Friel to the endurance community. Follow The Craft of Coaching and you’ll learn that Joe Friel holds back no secrets, offering his vast knowledge so that you can accelerate your practice and hone your craft in the time you have now.

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