USA Cycling CEU Course Coach Athlete-Communication

USA Cycling CEU Course: Coach-Athlete Communication

The coach-athlete relationship is one of the most crucial and rewarding in sports. And it hinges on great communication.

A new online course from USA Cycling and Fast Talk Labs shows coaches how to upgrade their communication skills for greater success.

In a new online course from USA Cycling, “Coach-Athlete Communication,” coaches can earn 4 CEUs exploring:

  • the roles and responsibilities of the coach-athlete relationship.
  • ways to listen and respond to athletes,
  • approaches to common situations (like the post-race debrief),
  • and the art of motivation.

This Coach-Athlete Communication course draws from The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel plus new material to create a helpful guide focused on communication basics and specific tactics that coaches can put into practice immediately.

How to Enroll

USA Cycling CEU courses are provided by our partner online education platform, etrainu. To purchase and enroll in this course, visit our page on etrainu, create an account, and then view available courses to begin checkout. For the first week of July, new users can begin courses about 24 hours after purchase and then can proceed at their own pace. After successfully completing the course, a completion certificate will be emailed to you and your CEUs will be automatically reported to USA Cycling.