Endurance Training Data

Training data takes many forms, from hard numbers to subjective perceptions. At their best, those numbers can provide invaluable guidance for both athlete and coach. However, too much focus on data can lead people astray. Learn how coaches, physiologists, and data analysts use training data, and how you can, too.

An Introduction to Training Metrics, Part 2

The interrelationship between form, fitness, and fatigue is the basis for quantifying training load. Performance Management Charts help athletes visualize and interpret that balance. Coach Trevor Connor explains the science.

Coach Connor’s Favorite WKO Features

TrainingPeaks is popular, but WKO5 is a much more powerful tool. Coach Trevor Connor has extensive experience with WKO and shares his favorite features.

An Introduction to Training Metrics, Part 1

Physiologists and coaches have attempted to quantify training through both external and internal measures. We review the primary training metrics and detail the benefits and shortcomings of each.

The Most Powerful Features of Intervals.icu

Head Coach Ryan Kohler details his favorite features of intervals.icu, a relatively new data analysis tool.

Should We Race by Numbers? With Dirk Friel

Episode 169

Should you pay attention to the numbers on your head unit while you're racing? If so, which ones, and when? We dive in with TrainingPeaks co-founder Dirk Friel.

The Best Features of TrainingPeaks, Strava, and Garmin Connect

We highlight the most powerful features of each of the three most popular training analysis tools.

Basic Performance Data Analysis Pathway

Analyzing your training is a critical aspect of improving fitness. With the help of Dr. Stephen Seiler, Colby Pearce, Julie Young, and many others, we explore how and why to monitor and analyze data, and explore different approaches to interpreting and managing your workout data.

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Endurance Performance Testing and Monitoring— Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Stephen Seiler presents on the history and future of endurance sports testing and monitoring.

Data Analysis: Mathieu van der Poel at the Tour of Flanders

Dr. Stephen Seiler dives into Mathieu van der Poel's power data from the 2021 Tour of Flanders to decipher what it takes to excel in a Spring Classic.

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An Exploration of “Social Training Tools”

We explore whether Strava and other new training apps can make you faster, and how to effectively fit them into a structured training plan.