Scott Saifer, M.S.

Scott Saifer speaks at an event

Scott Saifer coaches cycling (mountain bike, gravel, road, criterium, time trial), triathlon, running, healthy aging and a variety of other activities. He has been working with Wenzel Coaching for nearly 30 years. Currently he is head coach for the company, and also CEO, managing 20 other active coaches at various points in their development. Currently, Scott has about 25 clients and of those, 15 are monthly, ongoing program clients and 10 are consultation clients who contact him periodically, but for whom he doesn’t prepare programs. At one point of his coaching career, Saifer carried 96 monthly program clients, most of which were following “library” programs. Now all his program clients receive customized plans.


Scott saifer biking

The Unexpected (But Highly Satisfying) Evolution of a Coaching Career

Coach Scott Saifer started out coaching elite-level road cyclists. Over the years his coaching business has evolved with the needs of his existing and prospective clients. Now many of his clients work toward goals outside of racing. He discusses what it takes to work with athletes who might lack ability or motivation, or both.