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The History of Endurance Coaching with Joe Friel

The History of Endurance Sports Coaching with Joe Friel

Legendary coach and endurance sports author Joe Friel sits down with us to discuss the history of coaching and his role in that history, from being one of the first freelance coaches to publishing his ground-breaking book The Cyclist’s Training Bible.
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Demystifying Periodization, with Joe Friel

Cycling coach Joe Friel explores endurance periodization and its four core concepts: overload, specificity, reversibility, and individualization.
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Unpacking the Gospel of Joe Friel’s New “Training Bible”

We talk with Joe Friel about the newest edition of his bestselling cycling training book The Cyclist's Training Bible. We touched on everything from periodization to energy systems, to Joe’s method of research…which believe it or not, has a lot to do with hundreds of 3”x5” note cards.