Jeff Troesch

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Jeff Troesch, MA, LMHC has been a mental performance specialist at the professional, elite amateur and collegiate levels. An internationally-renowned expert in mental skills training and performance enhancement with over 35 years of experience, Troesch began his career after achieving his advanced degree from Washington State as a consultant with the NBA.

He went on to assist the Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers in Major League Baseball, the U.S. Soccer Federation, IMG Academies in Bradenton, Fla. and numerous touring golf and tennis pros. Troesch has also worked with student-athletes at dozens of major universities, including UCLA, Cal Poly, and Stanford.

Troesch’s roles within the university programs vary, but he has input into team building, ongoing team consultation, and individual athlete consultation regarding mental conditioning and performance enhancement, as well as coach consulting and development. He has also worked with endurance athletes at the professional and amateur levels over the course of his accomplished career.


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Which Comes First: Trust or Commitment?

Much to the surprise of some coaches, mental performance expert Jeff Troesch argues that you can have commitment from your athletes without trust. He explains how—and why—this is important.