Dave Schell

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Dave Schell has been coaching athletes since 2010, and his business, Kaizen Endurance, is primarily focused on off-road cycling—mountain bike, gravel, and some cyclocross—with an emphasis on ultra-endurance. He works with 25 to 35 athletes at a time, many of whom are remote and international.

Formerly the Director of Education at TrainingPeaks, Schell spent several years traveling the world with Joe Friel, teaching coaches how to use data to plan, analyze, and track performance of athletes at all levels across an array of endurance goals. He remains committed to keeping up with the latest science and tools in his coaching, but he also emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection with his athletes.


coaching different personalities

Coaching Different Personalities

How does an athlete’s personality affect how you write their training plans and give feedback? It can be far more varied than you might realize.
Athlete Centric Training Plan

The Athlete-Centric Training Plan

There are some tough conversations early in the athlete-coach relationship as you identify where the athlete stands in relation to their goal. Coach Dave Schell talks with Joe Friel about how he gets buy-in from athletes, and creates a dynamic training plan specific to their individual needs.