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110 // Off-the-bike workouts for physical and mental performance

Getting off our bikes is the last thing most cyclists want to do. That, however, is just what we’re recommending in today’s episode of Fast Talk. Whether for overall health, improving performance and fitness, gaining athleticism, or getting a much-needed mental break, off-the-bike training and cross training is a powerful tool with many benefits.

Today, we’ll discuss why they’re so important. Then we’ll explore the favorite off-the-bike workouts and activities of coaches, physiologists, and athletes. Coach Connor even makes a lofty claim about how cross training—exercising without a bike in sight—has prevented him from having overuse injuries like many who ride as much as he does.

First we hear from former pro and longtime endurance coach Julie Young, who offers great low-impact suggestions that you can incorporate into your training routine.

Next, we discuss stretching with RedBull athlete, MTB marathon national champ, and host of The Adventure Stache podcast, Payson McElveen.

Then we chat with Petr Vakoc of the Alepcin-Fenix team about how he approaches his training and off-the-bike work with a focus on enjoyment.

And finally, Steve Neal, endurance coach and the co-owner of The Cycling Gym, offers some powerful advice on combatting long term physical impairments like asthma through off-the-bike work.

Now get off that saddle! Let’s make you fast.

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