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105 // Psychological tools to deal with disappointment, defeat, and uncertainty—lessons for cyclists (or anyone living through a pandemic), with Julie Emmerman

Cycling is routinely filled with moments of loss, uncertainty, disappointment, and defeat. (In fact, we do so at almost every race we compete in—even the winningest cyclist of all time, the epitome of a champion, Eddy Merckx, lost far more than he won). And sometimes you fall on your face and break yourself, as I did so effectively at this cyclocross race years ago. It goes without saying that we also are living in a time defined by disruption—loss, disappointment, confusion, and far too much uncertainty. In today’s episode, we address how to effectively and constructively deal with these emotions: the lessons will, of course, help both with dealing with the uncertainty of a pandemic and with addressing the emotional rollercoaster that is bike racing. We delve into dealing with anxiety and developing coping mechanisms to stressful times or events; returning to routine after great change, setbacks, and injuries; creating challenges for motivation, satisfaction, and mental well-being; and much more. So, let’s take it slow, in these challenging times, in hopes that soon we can all get back to going fast. Apps mentioned: Other resources to build resilience: [qodef_separator class_name=”” type=”full-width” position=”left” color=”” border_style=”dotted” width=”” thickness=”2px” top_margin=”” bottom_margin=””]