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12 // Jessi Stensland, Freedom of the Beautiful Robot

Jessi Stensland, the creator of FeetFreex, a website designed to help people connect with their healthy, strong feet, and re-establish a connection with nature. Thanks for coming along with us to experience Jessi’s powerful journey and listen to the lessons she’s discovered along the way. She has deeply developed her relationship with her body in the years since competing as a professional triathlete, swimming at the Olympic trials, and winning a bronze medal at XTERRA World Championships. Her ideas about shoes and sleep may be new and unusual to you, but pause and consider her enthusiasm, her agility, and her deep connection to her own body. 

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Cycle Shoe Surgery

Feet on Sanitas

Happy Feet

Climbing Lapunta

MTB Competition

Warrior Dash

Cycling Sandals?

Ride the Rock South Africa


Sleeping on the Floor

Training at Exos